About Us

LazyQLife started many years ago when we discovered a real love for Texas BBQ.

We traveled to Austin for the F1 race one year and headed down to Lockhart, Tyler, and downtown to sample all we’ve read about.  We ate BBQ 3 times a day. We thought we knew good BBQ in Phoenix, but Texas was on another level.

We were hooked and needed a smoker. Fast forward to 4 years later and we are finally all set. A few close friends have stick burners  so we knew they were too much work for us, We’ve had a pit barrel, an electric, and have finally settled on a Texas made Pitts and Spitts pellet grill for our smoking needs. It is awesome. Set it and forget it – that’s about as “Lazy-Q” as you can get.

Anyway, friends expressed interest and asked for some advice so I wanted to start a blog about what I tell my friends about BBQ, outdoor cooking, and general outdoor relaxation. I’ve wasted the time and money buying the wrong stuff so you don’t have to! I’ve also found some fantastic stuff: recipes, equipment, suppliers, etc.

Life is too short to eat bad BBQ!