Best gas grill under $300 – are any as good as a Weber?

Top gassers for under $300

Finding yourself the best gas grill for under $300 presents the same questions, priorities, and challenges of finding the best gas grill under $200. It boils down to size, power, and quality. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you are not going to get much for your money at this price point. You’ll do better than at $200 but not by much. So, if you’ve eliminated charcoal as an option, I’d refer you again to this link for gas grills on clearance to possibly find yourself a bargain. It’s worth a look anyway.

How much should you spend on a gas grill?

Great question. Like many other things, the more you spend, the better product you end up with. That doesn’t have to be the case, you can still spend more than $300 on a gas grill and not really benefit. But, the extra hundred doesn’t get you anywhere near significantly better place. If you want to spend a bit more for quality and performance, you’ll need to think about spending $500. Now, before you go nuts, think about what the extra money buys you. Names like Weber and Broil King are known for their quality and performance.

If you don’t believe it, check out my parents 16 year old Weber! I think they paid $700 for it way back in 1992. Big money, especially back in those days.

17 year old like new black Weber gas grill in backyard
A 17 year old Weber – still going strong!

Moving up to the $500 price point gets you a grill with:

  • High-grade stainless steel burners
  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron grates
  • Heavier gauge aluminum cookbox
  • Better warranty – 5 yr. burners/box/grates

I don’t currently own a Weber and I’m not a member of their fan club, but the fact is they make some nice grills you can keep for awhile. Not as good as they used to, but nothing is built like it used to be. Weber, and Broil Kings are the 2 brands to look for as entry points for grills you can keep. So, if you’re willing to spend more money, Weber is definitely worth a look as is Broil King. Check out the reviews for Weber grills – pretty tough to beat. We aren’t suggesting things haven’t changed in 16 years or that their grill is the equivalent of today’s Weber gas grills. The takeaway for you is that if you invest in quality, and take care of your equipment, it can last for a really really long time. Their cost works out to $50/yr.! So, put some thought into what you’re wanting to spend here. $300 on a throwaway is a complete waste – be careful when choosing your grill. If $300 is your limit, the Char-Broil Classic below has over 1500 fantastic reviews. Check it out.

The short list of gas grills actually under $300:

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Also consider these top grills under $300

Huntington Cast Series 30040 Gas Grill

Huntington is owned by the Canadian Onward Manufacturing. They also make quality grill lines like Broil-Mate and Broil King. The 30040 is one of their most popular grills and may be the best built gas grill you’ll find for this price. Although the aluminum construction is an attractive feature, it could use better grates and a bit more power. Still for just over $100, it is a pretty darn good value. Many cheap grills have a one year warranty or less. This model is warrantied for 10 years on all cast aluminum parts, 5 years on the stainless burner, and 2 years on all other parts.

Char-Broil Quickset 2-Burner Gas Grill

A two burner gas grill at this price is hard to believe, but Char-Broil does it. A nice price, and easy to set up, but don’t expect any bells and whistles. Char-Broil can be found just about anywhere, their customer service is solid, and their quality is at or above other low cost brands. You won’t be able to sear steaks or keep it for 10 years, but for this price it’s another solid value that fits the bill.

Char-Broil Classic 4-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner

For larger families or cookouts, the Char-Broil Classic 4-burner gas grill has the features and performance providing everything you need in a grill and more. Features a large 480 square inch cooking area and 180 square inch swing-away warming rack, both providing plenty of cooking space. Grill up your favorites with the powerful and durable burners that heat up quickly and deliver even grilling. Boasts 40,000-BTU’s across the four main burners and 10,000-BTU lidded side burner- ideal for cooking sides and sauces. Other features include a push button starter, large wheels for enhanced mobility and a lid-mounted temperature gauge. It’s a classic!

Broil King Signet 320

I realize we are over $300 here so if your budget is tight, choose the Broil-Mate above and use the remaining $200 for propane and accessories. If you can swing the extra $200 or can find it on sale, this is a beauty. I’ve owned one myself! This has decent size, good performance, quality construction and is backed up with a great warranty. It’s also cheaper than a Weber Spirit E-310. It’s got patented dual-tube burners that deliver nice even temps and plenty of searing power. You can definitely do some fantastic 2-zone cooking on this. The cast aluminum housing carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty and it has drop down side shelves with built-in tool hooks. This grill is a steal for the money.

Maintaining your investment

After you’ve purchased your new grill, your next question may be how to maintain it so it lasts as long as possible. Here’s your to do list when wanting to properly maintain your gas grill.

  • Clean the grates after every use – easier when the grill is hot
  • Cover and protect the grill from the elements
  • Wash the grill regularly – use soap and water to clean the entire outside
  • Clean the deflector plate(s) and grease trap – dirty ones create flare-ups

Now go get yourself that new grill and enjoy the satisfaction of making meals that are better than you can find in nearly any restaurant. Remember to use a 2-zone cooking method to bring the meat to within 10 degrees of desired final temperature. Then reverse sear until you’ve achieved perfection. Anybody, with the proper tools and know-how can expertly prepare meats on the grill. Once you understand the proper technique and have the proper accessories, you’re in for a fantastic experience. There’s nothing quite as satisfying and sitting done with family and friends for a great meal you’ve prepared yourself on your grill. A close second is how simple and easy clean-up can be. If you do it right, there’s nothing better than skipping the dishes afterwords. Enjoy!

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