Where to buy (quality) wood chips for your smoker

So you’ve got your smoker all set to go and you need some wood chips or chunks to create that beautiful smokey flavor. But where to find them? If you absolutely need them today, you can drive down to your local Home Depot, Lowes, or hardware store and see what they’ve got, but if you have a few days I’d recommend you check out a few other suppliers first.

What kind of wood chips or chunks are you looking for?

Hickory and Oak are very popular for ribs and brisket. I love cherry for ribs as well.

There are many to choose from:

Table of meats and recommended woods for smoking
Recommend woods for each type of meat

There are lots of places you can buy wood chunks or chips for your smoker online. Amazon obviously has a pretty good selection. They carry chips from Weber, Western, Bradley and more.

Where do I buy my wood chunks for my smoker?

I’m a big fan of Smokinlicious. They are out of Olean, New York and have a fantastic product.


Try not to obsess too much about which wood you use. It’s more important that you focus on rubs, temps, meat quality and the cook itself. They will all play a more critical role in the final product than the wood chips you use.

In short, there are lots of places to buy wood chips and chunks for your smoker. You’ll find a much better selection online than at the big home improvement centers or hardware stores.

Best of luck and enjoy your BBQ!




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